It started with you, our customers.

For years now, we have been told by our customers that they would like more offerings in the bakery, deli, and foodservice departments.  We have expanded into a new space and removed an aisle in center store to more than double our previous space for those departments.  Don't worry, during the process of removing an aisle from center store, we were able to rework and bring in new items that have been requested.  The center store offers more specialty than ever before as well as an expanded Bonus Buy program for those items.  



Our old favorites are as sweet as ever joining an expanded variety.


Market Bistro

We have expanded our offerings in our prepared  department including a new grilling station, expanded salad and hot bar.


Come Check us out. 

As our construction has come to an end, we would like to say THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers who have dealt with quite an inconvenience over the past six months.