Grocery and Specialty Foods

Highland Park Market Grocery.....One-Stop Shopping

We feel our customers should be able to do their complete weekly shopping at our stores, which is why we also carry a wide variety of national grocery brands, frozen food, and dairy products. Each of these products is continually offered at a competitive price with weeekly advertisements offering specials on these products as well as everyday and temporary price reductions.

We are committed to having a large variety of specialty foods from around the world, natural and organic products and our very own brands of products such as salad dressings, pasta sauces and barbecue sauces. In our dairy department we carry all natural products like Organic cow milk and Stoneyfield Yogurts along with all of your favorite national brand products. In our frozen departments we stock a complete line of national brand frozen food, ice cream and specialty desserts.

We stock a complete line of holiday candies and during Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have all the special condiments to accent that special holiday meal.

At highland Park Market we strive to satisfy every one of our customer's needs. In doing so, we try to supply the utmost variety of all our products. That's why our customers say, "Nobody does it better!."